Your iPhone falls into water- what do you do?

Your iPhone falls into water- what do you do?

Imagine, an $800 electronic gadget falling into a basin of water- it’s such a terrible experience that you’d not want to even think of. But it happens and in such circumstances, there is always a temptation to panic, resist that temptation and sober up. The risk here is that the water or any other liquid tends to saturate the internal components of this device and this might lead to permanent damage. The steps below are simple rescue measures that you should follow to protect further damage and restore functionality.

Firstly, get the device off the water and power it off. Water is highly conductive and whenever electronics are exposed to it, they will tend to short-circuit. Remove the battery from the phone and allow the two to dry separately. With a soft absorbent cloth, wipe the charge port and the headphone jack. For a GSM iPhone, remove the Sim card and wipe it dry together with the tray. Do not expose the gadget to a direct source of heat, it might cause more damage. Forty-eight hours would be enough time to dry and then you can try powering it on.

Drying the phone in a bag of rice

Ideally, you’d need silica gel packets but who would have that? Rice would give the same results and is locally available- in fact; you have it in your food storage. Dry rice is the alternative to other desiccants and their particles are too large to block the ports.  

Review your iPhone warranty

Your phone warranty is the next thing that would want to take advantage of in case of damage. Most of these warranties are rendered void when they are exposed to water and therefore AppleCare may not come to your help. However, you need to look out for other third-party vendors that have covered your phone. If you have one of those, then file a claim and have, your gadget replaced right away.

Data recovery

It is possible that after getting into water that iPhone will go ‘dead’ and no effort to get it back works. Not all is lost; you could recover your data even in such circumstances. If you had synchronized your iPhone with iTunes, there is a file backup generated by iTunes on your computer. Then you can use iPhone Data Recovery (Mac or Windows) to retrieve it. These will help get your iTunes back up and from it, you recover data. Here, you need the assistance of a Mobile Phone Data Recovery professional. This is an expert in data recovery and well versed with the ‘how’ about getting back your lost data. This person has the knowledge on how to extract unreadable iTunes, enable you to view details and here you can select what you need to be restored. With their indulgence, they will help you read and recover the data in perfect safety and quality.

Remember your iPhone is the last thing you’d want to lose especially when you have stayed with it for long and has all your important information. Therefore, after you have done the initial rescue basics, get the help of a professional immediately.