Why do people give?

Why do people give?

At Impact Guru, we’ve encouraged hundreds of NGOs and nonprofits to become part of a crowdfunding India, and reap the benefits of financial support that online fundraising has to offer. However, we see this as a sustainable financial model for nonprofits, by which you not only have a steady source of income to carry out your initiative, but you also include members of the community to be part of charitable and philanthropic work through a crowdfunding India platform.

So let us analyze how and what persuades donors to give to your cause:

When you’re able to deliver on your promise

Your past work will speak for you. If people can see that your work has made a significant impact and improved lives, they will donate to your cause. Everyone roots for positive change. So when you’ve got a good track record, and your efforts have had a real and tangible impact on a cause, your donors will support you as often as you need.

Give back to society from anywhere in the world

Think of crowdfunding as an easy and convenient way to do volunteer work. You could be raising funds on behalf of a needy person or organization, or donating to a cause yourself – either way, you’re making a difference. Everyone wants to do something good, and give back to society, but not everyone know how and where to start. Crowdfunding is the ideal solution for such people. Though you’re not able to do on ground, field volunteering, you’re still able to contribute in a positive way from anywhere in the world, in under 2 minutes.

Tax exemption benefits

Let’s face it – tax exemption benefits are an extremely potent incentive to get people to donate towards a good cause. Moreover, when donors get that exemption for making a donation to crowdfunding India campaign, they are actually reassured that their money is being efficiently utilized for a noble purpose.

Your marketing strategies

Anyone who’s ever tried crowdfunding, or any kind of fundraising for that matter, would know how difficult it is to get the attention of people when you’re trying to get them to shell out money for a cause that may not directly benefit them. Your marketing strategies are your greatest tool to persuade people, be it your campaign story, social media virality, press coverage, or email outreach strategy. If you have a strong hold on communications, you call pull people to your cause.

If you’re new to the world of online fundraising, we hope these few pointers aid in the planning stage of your crowdfunding campaign with Impact Guru.