Wedding venues and emergency fridge trailers.

Wedding venues and emergency fridge trailers.

Throw the confetti! It’s the height of the wedding season.

That means almost every wedding and reception venue and outside caterers will have their kitchens and team working at full capacity to cover the vast amount of catering that the guests at numerous functions will expect.

So, what happens when disaster strikes? Not one of the couple jilting their fiancée at the altar but that moment when the catering is compromised by a broken freezer or fridge unit and there’s a strong temptation to run around like a headless chicken screaming.

As a professional you know that simply not delivering what the client has asked for is not an option, there has to be a contingency plan and happily companies like Ice Cool Trailers have the answer in your moment of need. It’s worth investigating your options before any sort of crisis situation. It’ll save panic at a later stage.

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There are several leading and respected experts in fridge trailer hire and freezer trailer provision and many of these offer 24 hours a day contact for emergency support. If you need to hire a fridge trailer you need it quickly and you want a firm that will supply your fridge trailer as if by magic.

Waiting means wastage and that costs money. Experts know how important offering excellence is in such times so that you can complete your task and provide optimum customer service on the special day.

When you contact a company they will normally provide a customised quote. This is frequently calculated on the duration of hire, the size of the trailer and/or the distance the fridge trailer hire company will need to travel to deliver your fridge or freezer trailer.

Fridge and freezer trailer hire is available with some companies within a couple of hours if they’re close or at least the same day with others who need to travel further. Common sense dictates that if you have stock warming or defrosting the more local the firm and the quicker they can deliver the better your situation becomes.  

Companies often appear and deliver ahead of expectations, this way they don’t make false promises. Remember, fridge trailer hire companies know the way you need to work and the implications of a fridge or freezer hire unit being required.  

Top rated fridge trailers are ready for immediate use so once they’re in the required position the provider sets them up, connects the power and ensures the fridge or freezer trailer is safe. When they’re content that the trailer is ready then you can get to work, it’s as simple as that.

Whatever your emergency requirements are the experienced firms like Berkshire’s Ice Cool Trailers have the fridge trailer and freezer trailer hire solutions to save the day and a huge amount of food. They don’t fuss and procrastinate, they act effectively.

Peak or low season, protecting your venues stock, capabilities and reputation is vital. Be proactive to save yourself from unnecessary anxiety.