Use private cloud storage facility with Zexa Box

Use private cloud storage facility with Zexa Box

Small businesses nowadays are depending upon the cloud technology for handling their data management and communication processes. Cloud is an umbrella term that improves the efficiency and the effectiveness of the organizations with the use of internet. Till now the cloud has been known as the centralized technology but it increased the risks of hacking, shut down of the system and tracked. Therefore, the organizations are making use of the decentralized storage on private cloud to increase the control on the cloud storage network.

Private cloud storage services with the portability feature

Installing private cloud can be done in different ways. You can use NAS or Network Attached Storage which is cloud storage that is hosted by the third part service provider. ZexaBox-a kind of Network Attached Storage device recently launched a decentralized private cloud storage system which enables the users to store various types of multimedia files on the private network rather than on the public storage. ZexaBox allows the encrypted storage facility which keeps your data highly secured. You are just required to plug and play the device and it gives you a feel more of handling the personal cloud storage system for the small businesses and the families.

Features of ZexaBOx

A centralized location to store everything in the digital format while ZexaBox allows distributed storage with decentralized control. It creates auto back up of the media files thus, all your files will remain saved. Whether you are working on the computers or the mobile devices, this personal cloud storage device allows synchronization of files from several devices connected to the network. This enables the files to be shared among the family members and friends.  It even allows the users to store the data of multiple devices on the small sized ZexaBox. It is very simple to install this private cloud storage device. Install and connect it to take the control of your files stored in private cloud memory,