Top 5 UI Design Trends for Mobile Apps in 2018

Top 5 UI Design Trends for Mobile Apps in 2018

With no decline in innovation in design trends, mobile app development companies bringing leading-edge changes in the user interface design never keep it dull. Interface is equivalent to user experience. The interface of a mobile app should be designed in such manner that the user can connect to it without any complications. 2018 has brought in a massive change/massive visual change in the conception of design trends. For users to always stay linked to a certain mobile app, it needs to be visually appealing and keep up with the design trends changing over time.  

Overlapping Effects

Overlapping effects are the new in-thing for design trends, making the app interface more visually appealing to the users. The idea of adding this effect in apps is to overlap the graphics hence, making the user experience more engaging. Most designers prefer using vibrant colors because it makes the app visuals stand out more.

Gradient Backgrounds

Gradient colors have always been a favorite of Tumblr profile themes but now UI designers have also started to adapt the gradient look in app interfaces. Gradients spark up the overall design aesthetics of an app, making it strikingly illuminant/blending the colors and refreshing the look and feel/feels new by blending colors.

Interface Animations and Transitions

Adding animated features to the graphical interface and designs brings more user interaction and animated transitions make the user experience more dynamic. Animations and interface transitions make the app interface more fluid and interactive to the user.

Innovational Voice-Activated Interfaces

As Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana, we know very well how voice activated features work. There are high chances for these feature to be coupled with mobile apps allowing users to activate apps or tools by voice commands, removing the need to click buttons or enter text. With the advent of voice-activated interfaces, users prefer virtual assistants as such apps provide them more convenience.

Custom Illustration Interfaces

Custom layouts and illustrations make mobile app interfaces more alluring and unique. This unique way of making the app interface unique to the eye will become popular over time. Customer illustrations keep the design aesthetics simple yet distinctive. Traditional, hand drawn and paint illustrations make an app visually engaging to the users.

To conclude, mobile application developers and designers have started to make use of these 5 design trends to create interfaces that stand out and seem to be strikingly interesting. User Interface designers always need to be updated with the latest design trends and bring out the most from their creative skills.