The Purpose of Industry Testing Measures

The Purpose of Industry Testing Measures

When a company produces a good product, they’ve done so because they followed industry standards and done rigorous testing to ensure that each and every product they’re selling is up to industry standards or even beyond. Every industry will have their own product testing methods to ensure that their product is up to par. If the product being tested fails the test, it’s back to the drawing board.

The consequences for churning out subpar products can be the livelihood of the business altogether. Some businesses have had to shut their doors because they didn’t follow industry standards and as a result turned out inferior products, or worse, turned out products that harmed the individuals using them. Product testing varies by industry. Every industry has its regulations and standards that they set for their products. Ink standards will be different from steel standards and the testing used in each industry will vary.

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The rub resistance tester has become one of the industry tests for ink on fabric products. When ink is placed on a fabric material, paper, or other object, it is going to need to be of a certain quality to remain on that material or object without smudging. Smudged labels imply bad quality on the park of both the ink maker and the label company. If ink fades or smudges on a T-shirt, the entire product becomes low quality and even embarrassing to use. Industry leaders use testing like the Sutherland test to see if the ink on the surface will be able to withstand the resistance that occurs during handling and shipping and everyday use.

If the product fails a test, it should be discarded. Selling a subpar or defective product can mean the end of any business. Businesses in general will quickly get rid of a product that doesn’t meet their rigorous industry standards. As more tests become available, companies are able to turn out higher quality products and make sure that no defective products leak through with a good batch of products. No matter how good the product is, it’s likely that there will be some batches that just don’t mix or come together well, and they will need to be put aside. While this might at first seem wasteful, it’s not. Imagine a bad batch of ink getting through and attaching itself to designer clothing. People go to buy that clothing and find themselves ink stained. It’s likely that the maker of that apparel is going to suffer massive business losses as a result.

Every industry has its own pet regulations and testing measures. It’s important for each industry leader to understand the standards expected of them and to make sure that they’re leading the way to good quality. Customers depend heavily on different industries and deserve to buy from companies that care for their customers enough to do testing. Any industry leader would be wise to always stay up to date on their latest regulations and standards so that they never turn out defective products.