The Benefits of Having a Mobile App for Your Church

The Benefits of Having a Mobile App for Your Church

Long are days when websites and social media sites were considered the apex of technological advancement. Technology is fast moving, and now people have developed mobile applications that do virtually everything below the moon. However, it goes without saying that these apps cannot replace websites but have far much more benefits when properly utilized. Today, even churches have them since their focus is to proclaim the gospel, connect and encourage their flock, and these apps efficiently make these happen. Below are top benefits that a church can derive from mobile applications.

1) That cool factor

Despite this benefit not being the main reason for your church to spend money purposely to develop an app, this aspect can never be overlooked. When you tell someone that your church uses an app, there is that inside ‘good feeling.’ However, marketing it correctly will ensure that the app becomes a valuable evangelism tool than just the ‘cool’ factor.

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2) Push Notifications for instant communication

There are no better and faster ways to communicate with your church members than using your church app’s push notifications. These days, with an app for your church, you do not have to write bulletins or a newsletter to remind your congregation about an upcoming event. Instead, you would simply send reminders and updates by use of push notification. It only takes your gathering to download and install the church application and then choose to receive push notifications from you. With the push notification, church calendar reminders, invitations, bible study, next meeting theme, event reminders, prayer alerts, care groups conferences, and more can be shared.

3) Increased Giving

These days, not so many people carry liquid cash. Both old and millennials prefer carrying their debit cards whenever they want to spend or donate. With a church giving app, giving can be made online through the mobile church app which has been proved to have a significant impact on the total donations made. The technology enables givers to donate genuinely what they want to, without necessarily having to bring cash to church. Also, it allows one to give even if they are not present or are far away from the church. Enabling your congregation to donate their offerings this way while still engaging them with your church content has proved to increase a church’s total donation.

4) Accessibility

Among the things that people rarely leave their homes without is their phones, keys, and wallet. Every sign is currently pointing to the day these items will one day be one, and this will most likely be your phone. Therefore, putting your content and communications in the device that most of your congregation is using is the way to go. With an App, these people will get your communication while on the go.

5) Educate and attract new members

Mobile apps enable new church visitors to take their time and familiarize with your church without the need to be glued to their computer screens all day. They can get acquainted with the church’s vision, mission, and teaching style at their comfort, and when they opt-in for push notification, personalized messages can now be sent.Apps are developed for many more uses like Cars Near Me