State Requirements For Becoming A Licensed Electrician In Florida

The electrical trade has been recognized as one of the most stable and lucrative skilled trades in the United States. In the state of Florida alone, the field of electrical trade is experiencing such a surge that Department of Economic Opportunity of the state is predicting an increase of 32.2 percent in the count of electrician jobs during the ten-year period leading up to 2024. This surely means now is the time for you to start your career as a certified electrician and this guide on how to become an electrician in Florida will be of great interest to you.

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Journeyman and master level electrician certification is regulated at the local level in Florida. However, electrical contractor certificates are issued by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation Electrical Contractors’ Licensing Board.

If you want to become a certified electrician in Florida, you will be expected to follow the necessary steps:

Complete the Classroom Hours and Gain the Experience Required: You will be required to begin your career in the segment of electrical trade by receiving the training and required experience to meet the journeyman certification requirements that are established by the Construction Trades Qualifying Board for the city and/or country in which you want to practice. The requirements across a huge majority of city and county jurisdictions of Florida align with the national standards of 8,000 hours (four to five years) of documented experience along with 144 hours of classroom-based education each year.

For becoming an electrician in Florida, you have three primary options to complete technical training and gain the required experience to first become a journeyman in Florida. You can enroll in a technical college electrical trade program and then join a union apprenticeship program and thereafter locate training opportunities and find employment using non-union resources.

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Technical School Programs: You can become an Associate of Applied Science in Electrical Technology or complete an electrical technician career diploma program or receive an electrical trade certificate to satisfy the classroom training hour requirements for journeyman electrician certification. A big majority of technical school programs usually include an internship that can help you receive the unique opportunity to work at real job sites with a locally licensed electrical contracting company. You can expect to possibly access entry-level openings for apprentice or trainee positions after you successfully complete the program.

After this, you are required to take an examination to become a journeyman in your area and thereafter obtain a Master Electrician Certificate. Thereafter, you can decide to become licensed as an Independent Electrical Contractor.