Smartphone Security Mistakes That People Make

Smartphone Security Mistakes That People Make

We all know that when you use smartphones we expose ourselves to a whole lot of security risks. However, just because there are security risks we cannot stop using these devices which essentially make our life interesting and easy. Today we could accomplish so many things at the clicks of a button and swipe of a finger just because of our smartphones. Having used these devices and enjoying its myriad benefits, it is impossible to think of life without smartphones. Here are some of the most common security mistakes that people make which you should avoid to keep yourself protected against the threats.

Carelessly following the links received through various messages is one of the most common mistakes. Today there are numerous social media groups, we just presume that everyone in these groups are with good intentions. May be not, there are number of moles in these groups that try to take advantage of innocent members in the group. When you follow the links carelessly you are likely to end up in pages or websites that could subject you through serious online security risks. Follow or visit only trustworthy links from people you know.

Using Wi-Fi networks that are unsecured is yet another mistake. Try to use your mobile data in case you need to send out urgent communication when you are not in secure Wi-Fi zones such as your office or home. Do not think that it is enough to keep your mobile phone secure will help. Hackers are far more advanced in terms of the technology that they use to steal your information. You have not free from risks even after the data leaves your smartphone. In fact the actual risk starts once your data leaves the phone whereby you do not have any control over it. Third parties can intercept your communication and steal the information. Are you wondering how to protect yourself in such situations? Don’t worry, you can enjoy complete protection against such risks with the help of Sky ECC security system.

Sky ECC makes use of advanced security protocols that cannot be penetrated by the hackers. You will be able to enjoy many advanced security features with this system. For example when you send out an encrypted email you will not be enjoying complete protection with the regular encryption software as they leave out the email headers but with Sky ECC you will enjoy 100% encryption. This system encrypts even your images and audio files providing you with 100% protection. Further to that you can set the time limit for the messages that you send out after which the message will delete itself in all the locations including the servers, a feature which is not available in any other chat encryption software such as Encrochat.

Most importantly, the access codes and passwords are generated in your own device which means you have complete control over such crucial data and you need not have to worry about unethical service providers selling this information. Here even Sky does not have access to this information.