Search Engine Optimisation Freelancing- Is It Big Business?

Search Engine Optimisation Freelancing- Is It Big Business?

Freelancing over the internet is becoming a common way for people to earn money and is a very big business.There are many websites that have been set up to match freelance workers to potential employers. However, as with all things connected to the internet, there are potential pitfalls. This article discusses SEO freelancing using one of these specialist websites.

What work is available online for a SEO freelancer?

The work available is varied, and mainly is focused on:

  • Internet business development
  • Onsite optimisation
  • Writing, proof reading and editing content
  • Link building
  • Development of social media accounts

This list is not complete as there are many SEO related activities that can be done for businesses or individuals.

How does freelancing over the internet work?

The potential SEO freelancer will need to register on freelancing websites or create his own website to market his skills. On third-party freelancer sites you need to complete a profile that includes details of their skills, their experience and expected pay rates. Many reputable websites offer tests that you can take to demonstrate your skills. The potential employer will also be required to register before posting any potential work.

Once a position is posted on a freelancing website, potential SEO freelancers will be expected to apply for the work, by answering the advertisement and state the amount they expect to be paid, either as an hourly rate, or as a lump sum and the time period that it will take to complete the work.

The potential employer will sift through the applications and “interview” one or more freelancer before offering the work.

A potential freelancer is usually restricted on the number of applications that can be made (about 10 per week).

Each website differs, but the employer or the freelancer or both will be required to pay a fee when the work is agreed. Many of these websites offer a facility for the employer to pay the freelancer through the website.

What is in it for the freelancer and the employer?

The potential employer may well be able to get the work done at a lower cost than employing someone for a short period of time.

The freelancer is able to complete the work at their own pace and usually at the hours they want.

What is the usual rate of pay for a search engine optimisation freelancer?

There is no set rate of pay on any of the positions advertised; however you must remember that there is a large number of educated/skilled people in the world who are prepared to work for lower rates of pay than people in say Europe or the USA. Therefore if you live in a country with higher living costs you will be competing against those from Pakistan and India who are often able to complete the same work at a much lower price. However, if you are a skilled search engine optimisationguru or have or PPC experts skills you will find companies that are prepared to pay more for your additional knowledge.

What about taxes?

As a freelancer you are accountable to the tax authorities in the country you live in for the money you earn as a freelancer. It depends on where you live as to how you are required to account for your taxes. Many tax authorities watch the freelancing market and can catch up with you if you do not declare your income to them.