Recent Cybersecurity Breaches

Recent Cybersecurity Breaches

Cybercrime crimes and breaches are present and a clear danger. It only appears more common and lethal on a daily basis and even the supposed safe companies may not be safe after all. In recent years and even in the year 2019 alone, there has been a considerable attempt, big and small, at cyber security breaches and the number only continues to rise. We are in the 21st century after all, the more we improve technologically, the more some people try to find new ways to breach cyber security. Companies like Equifax which was reached on July 29, 2017, Marriot International breached between 2014-2018 and more recently the Toyota’s Japanese offices; Sausalito, Secure Solutions Group and the popular restaurant operator; Earl Enterprises have been reached jeopardizing millions of dollars in investments, information and personal details.

What are the ways in which you can protect yourself and your company against these brutal breaches? I will list them below and I believe they will help you in preventing cybercrime breaches in your company.

1) First and Foremost set up a standard cybersecurity training and plans.  The first method may be the most obvious but it also cannot be overemphasized.

I simply cannot overstate how important it is to spend as much money as possible setting up the best and safest cybersecurity services with the best cybersecurity specialists in the world. In this new digitalized world, cybersecurity is your new forte and you must spare no stone on fortifying it.

2) Upgrade and Verify your Cybersecurity

When you buy a car, you maintain it, and sometimes even buy new spare parts, why should cyber security be any different? You need to perform weekly assessment of your security and potential threat level. You have to predict, anticipate, combat and surpass any new cyber threat and you have to do these often and the fight against cyber breaches is an unending one you should not get tired of.

3) Restrict Valuable Data Access

This one is commonsensical and I will show you. Why should employees cleaning the hospital ward have computer access to patient files? There is absolutely no reason. When you limit the access of some specific employees, this reduces the chances of a bad click-bait from accessing your web of interconnected network. Compartmentalization is a very important compromise when cybersecurity is concerned and you better start employing it.

Even third party vendors are servers have to follow your rules and must not attempt any cyber endeavor that may jeopardize your own network. Put your foot down, it may save you millions in damages repair or worse.

4) Employee Security Awareness and a page by page Solid Cyber Breach Response Plan

A lot of the steps you take to protect yourself and your company from cyber breaches will not matter if a single employee clicks on a dangerous link that endangers all of your files and you will have to shoulder the responsibilities because said employee would say he or she was not aware of the dangers and this is exactly why they need to be enlightened and brought up to speed. Organize workshops and training on what to do and what not to do in an effort to protect your company against cyber security.

Even after all the measure you take, mistakes happen, slip ups occur, I mean, even Facebook and Whatsapp have potential breaches, so what happens if you eventually experience a breach? You don’t know? Well, that’s why you need a containment plan to mitigate disaster and get in front of the whole situation before further havoc is wrecked. Have a contingency plan for that rainy day when a breach occurs So that you won’t panic but engage it with the full fury of your security experts.