Plantronics Voyager Pro Headset: Why Purchase Plantronics?

Plantronics Voyager Pro Headset: Why Purchase Plantronics?

The Plantronics Voyager Pro headset is one of the sophisticated Bluetooth headsets available across the globe. It can do much more than the other Bluetooth headsets present in the market. It cannot just be used to attend calls but has many other features. It is getting trendy now because it is ideal to be used while driving and working.

Basically, in different states, in case you are just driving, then you need a headphone. The Bluetooth technology is becoming smarter as well as better than before and so as the Bluetooth headsets.

Plantronics is a company that is offering awesome headsets based on different technologies for a long time. It is a brand that focuses on audio quality of the headsets as it is the first preference of the individuals and businesses.

There are many organizations and call centers where headsets are a must to use. For those organizations and call centers, Plantronics provides a special type of headsets that have good battery life and superior audio technology.

Plantronics offers light in weight headset, mobile headset, personal speakerphone as well as noise-canceling technology. All these types of headphones can provide smarter communications. The cost of each headset varies as it entirely depends on the feature and quality of it.

The products of Plantronics are utilized by different people of different fields like astronauts, pilots, customer service representative, receptionists, etc. From mobile professionals to friends chatting, Plantronics headsets are the first preference of everybody.

The Plantronics Voyager Pro headset is one of the best choices for everybody who wants to make the most out of its digital technology. This headset is more than superb because of its high-quality design.

What is in the box?

The Plantronics Voyager Pro headset is well equipped. It has a standard charger as well as an extra USB cable. The updates of this headphone are managed through a USB connection to the computer or Mac. The package includes two extra earpieces with the soft covers. The instructions are given in detail in the guidebook. One must read it carefully before using the headphone.

Pairing the Voyager Pro

When the first time you are going to pair up this Plantronics Voyager headset then you have to turn it on. When it turns on then, it will automatically be in the pairing mode. The LED flash must flash amid blue and red.

The blinking of these lights will show that you are in the pairing mode. When you are going to pair it up with any of your Smartphone then you have to follow these basic steps explained below:

  1. Go to the Bluetooth settings of your Smartphone
  2. Select the scan for devices
  3. Choose the Plantronics Voyager Pro from the available devices
  4. In case you are asked for a passcode then you just need to enter 0000.

There is an app that is known as My Headset. You have to download and install this app on your android devices like a tablet or Smartphone. You have to search for it on the Google Play store.

If you have downloaded the app, then you can easily pair your device by using the app in spite of using the above basic steps. The My Headset app shows the battery of the headset on the screen. Not just that, it has voice recorder functionality as well.


The Plantronics Voyager headset features a Smart Sensor Technology which is not present in all other Bluetooth headsets of different brands. That implies that by one means or another, this little headset knows when it is in your ear and when it is on the desk or dashboard.

On the off chance that it is not in your ear, it doesn’t answer the call. It works so plainly! On the off chance that a call comes in, simply put on the headset and without squeezing a solitary button, calls will exchange appropriately to the headset.

At the point when the headset is not on your ear, then it is ‚Äúlocked out “. In this way, you would not lose your calls. On the off chance that you wear it on your ear all the time in the auto, simply tap the call button to accept a call. To end up a call, simply tap the call button once more.

If you are on a call on your phone and need to exchange it to your Voyager Pro then you just need to hold the call button for about a moment or two. If you need to dismiss a call that is coming through, you just need to hold the call button for several seconds while it is ringing.

You have to hold the call button for a moment when not on a call ought to initiate voice dialing on your Smartphone or tablet. You have to tap twice the call button to redial the last call that you have made.

Vocalist voice and text service

The Plantronics Voyager headset accompanies one year of free support of the Plantronics Vocalyst voice and text service. Whenever you get the gadget, you go to

When you open the site, then you should Activate Vocalyst button. By doing this, Plantronics would give you an activation code that you connect to begin your service.

With the assistance of the Vocalyst service as well as the free Vocalyst app for Android, you can do the following in a great manner:

  • Easily send out emails as well as have them read to you
  • Hear and record the reminders
  • Update the status of your Facebook
  • Listen to updated news
  • Check out the weather reports


The Plantronics Voyager headset has a good battery life as well as smart sensors. These sensors have housed in the part of the headset that settles behind the ear. The headphone is quite heavy than other headphones like Jawbone Era as well as Blueant Q2.

This headset is quite flexible, adjustable as well as comfortable to wear. It includes an ear tip that is available in different sizes. This Plantronics Voyager Pro has a microphone boom type that swivels.

There is no need to adjust and fit the headphone over and over again. It can be worn for hours without any issue. On the back side of the headphone goes behind the ear and get stuck there. So, those people who have to wear spectacles at all times can make the most of this headphone.

Call Quality

Call quality of this headphone is more than awesome. Plantronics have used WindSmart technology in it that shuts out the noise of wind and other extraneous noise. Similar to the other noise cancellation technologies, WindSmart technology is effective and useful. It can easily alter the sound of the voice.

The sound was, for the most part, noisy and clear. The volume can be adjusted and managed through the volume buttons on the top point of the gadget.

The Plantronics Voyager headset supports the A2DP audio streaming. It simply means that when the headphone is connected, then the user can easily stream his/her music from his/her Android device right to the headphone. The sound quality of this Voyager Pro is quite good.

It is quite simple too low or high the volume while listening to music or attending calls. The user does not have to pause the music or cancel the call to manage the volume.

The good

There are some good things about this headset. These things are explained below:

  • Awesome functionality
  • Good sound quality for music as well as podcasts
  • Superb call quality
  • Easy to use
  • Pairing is very simple to do
  • Added Android app is a good feature

The bad

There are some bad things about this Voyager Pro headphone. These things are explained below:

  • It is not so comfortable as compared to other Plantronics Voyager headsets.
  • It is a bit on the heavy side

The verdict

The Plantronics Voyager Pro is a fantastic headset. Sound quality is awesome, battery life appears to be great, and the blast microphone implies that your voice is gotten well and you are heard well on the opposite end of the call.

With the different Android application introduced, you can even have the headset read your email messages, check news or climate and that’s just the beginning. This is quite a big headset that implies you would not doubt to lose it.

However, it may not be as agreeable as other in the ear headsets. It offers great usefulness. It includes the Android application for connecting and checking the battery life. Many variables make a Bluetooth headset best and ideal for you.

The Plantronics Voyager headset is anything but difficult to set up and use. With the help of the Vocalyst service, you can use this headphone more efficiently and easily. In short, it is awesome for all mobile professionals and music lovers.