How To Prevent Dry Hits From Ruining A Good Vape

How To Prevent Dry Hits From Ruining A Good Vape

Dry hits are right at the nasty end of what could go wrong when you vape. This is often caused by neglecting to prime your vaping coils before use. If you fire up a coil against wicking material which is not thoroughly drenched in e- liquid you may get a tiny puff of smoke together with vapour in your mouth. Not a pretty taste at all and the coil gives up faster.

In addition to always priming your coils when refilling a tank, here are a few tips which will help you to avoid dry hits altogether.

Use The Fire Button Wisely

Most modern vaping devices feature a counter for the puffs you take. This helps you to get the best vaping experience without pressing down on the firing button for too long. You can learn about the optimum duration to apply on each draw to get as much flavour or cloud according to your tastes. Wattage ramping times are also another customisable feature on most mods today. Set your ramp down to avoid dry hits from occurring on each consecutive draw.

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Practice Patience When You Vape

Vaping is not a guzzling competition. Allow at least a few seconds before you take another draw. This will allow your coils to cool down a bit instead of retaining too much heat during your vaping session. In turn this also helps the coil wick to suck in fresh e-liquid for an optimum vape. Rapid firing without allowing this process to take place leads to dry hits since your coils don’t have enough time to catch up.

Never Vape A Tank Empty

Firing up your mod while your tank is completely drained is the quickest way to inflict a dry hit upon yourself. It can also bring permanent damage to a perfectly working coil. Check your tank levels while you vape so you have at least a bit of e-liquid still left before filling. A quarter tank is ideal and will not only save your coils but help you avoid these easily prevented dry hits.

Use High Wattage Sparingly

For all day vaping it makes sense to keep your mod wattage down to an average. Even if you love mega clouds you’re not going to be making them throughout the day. A modest wattage setting will suffice for most of your vaping needs. You can still pile on the power when you crave more performance but it’s unreasonable to be pushing the watts every time you fire up your mod. You’ll keep dry hits at bay and get better battery life by cutting back on your power use most of the time.

Clean Or Replace Your Coils Often

Coils which are clogged up with gunk naturally start to perform poorly. One of the effects of a dirty coil is that you do not retain the full soaking ability of the wick inside. So a smaller amount of e-liquid actually soaks the wick – the active part of the coil. It’s a good time to switch out the coil when you start to notice less vapour production. In the meantime treat your used coil to a cleanup by blowing out left over e-liquid and then giving it a rinse under hot water. Leave it to dry completely and you can still get more use out of it before discarding it completely.