How to Download and Save video from Twitter with your Android Phone?

Smartphones have usually very small screen size, therefore all websites should have a mobile version or at least responsive to fit perfectly to the screen size of each smartphone. This is also one of the reasons why we have mobile applications since they are designed and crafted to fit with the screen size and provide more features and usability on smartphone.

When you want to save Twitter videos using a smartphone, you can either use mobile applications or websites like Mobile apps are very good option but you must install them and they will consume RAM, Disk and CPU on your smartphone. Websites applications are also great alternatives if you don’t want to install mobile apps in your smartphone. They are websites you can use via your Internet browser and download your Twitter video online without any installation on your device.

In the following paragraphs, we are going to explain you how to download videos on Twitter using the website application

Saveting Video downloader for Twitter

There are many websites video downloaders on the Internet, here are some of them:,,, What they have in common is they are websites that help users download and save videos from social medias networks like Twitter, Facebook and so.

Saveting is a clean and light website that help users download videos from thousands of websites including Twitter and Instagram. Saveting is free without any limitation for the number of usages. With Saveting, you need to provide the Tweet URL link where the video is embedded, then the rest of the job is done by the website itself. All you have to do is provide URL link and download the video.

Saveting is being used by thousands of Internet users. Its popularity is growing everyday thanks to the great service it is providing.