Hot Tech Careers: SEO Specialist and Content Marketer

Hot Tech Careers: SEO Specialist and Content Marketer

Imagine asking little Mary what she wants to be when she grows up. Would you be surprised if her answer came back ‘SEO specialist’? What if her brother Johnny told you his main goal in life was to become a content marketer; would you believe him?

Let’s face it, a lot of people working in web tech these days didn’t grow up expecting to become SEO specialist’s or content marketers. But that hasn’t stopped both jobs from soaring to the top of the list of hottest tech careers. Both SEO’s and content marketers are in big demand right now.

Before you say they are the same thing, step back and take a breath. The two careers are distinctly different in a lot of ways. There are some areas in which they overlap, but SEO tends to be more technical where content marketing is more creative. Where the two meet is that gray area that defines how well their work shows up in SERPs and conversion rates.

Meet the SEO Specialist

An SEOprofessional, also known as an SEO specialist, is someone whose primary job is to help a website owner make maximum use of search engines by utilizing tools and strategies to help the site rank as highly as possible when certain keywords and phrases are searched.

To put this simply, an SEO specialist knows how to get a website near the top of search engine rankings. He or she fully understands how all the major search engines work – especially Google. He/she is intimately familiar with keywords, meta-tags and descriptions, search localization, page and post titles, and on and on.

Most importantly, the SEO specialists knows how to use all the tools at their disposal to improve the performance of a given website on the major search engines. If this individual can keep alltheir sites in the top 10 for certain keywords and phrases, he or she is doing their job.

Meet the Content Marketer

A content marker is a professional who creates content for websites with three primary goals in mind:

  • Driving new traffic to a website;
  • Convincing website visitors to buy; and
  • Converting first-time buyers into repeat buyers.

Webtek Interactive is a Salt Lake City, Utah company that employs both SEO specialists and content marketers. They explain that both are necessary in order to achieve success for their clients. Of the two, content marketers have the harder job. Why? Because what they do is equal parts science and art.

Where SEO specialists have a lot of analytical data they can use to guide what they do, content marketers have to combine relevant parts of that same data with intuition and creativity to get people to buy. Crunching numbers alone does not convert website visitors into paying customers.

Content marketers have their own tools: blog posts, videos, rich snippets, etc. How well they use those tools determines how high their conversion rates go.

It Takes Both Kinds

Webtek Interactive employs both kinds of professionals because it takes both to succeed online. The SEO specialists is needed to master search engine rankings, boost exposure, and drive traffic. The content marketer is needed to take all that traffic and generate sales from it. As such, there is an almost symbiotic relationship between the two.

So, what do you want to be when you grow up? Whether you are still a young person or an adult already in the workforce, SEO and content marketing jobs are hot right now. This is an excellent field to get into if you are fascinated by the online world.