Healthy Coffee and Caffeine Crawls: Trends for 2018

Healthy Coffee and Caffeine Crawls: Trends for 2018

Coffee is the love and lifeblood of many devoted coffee fans and it’s also the love and lifeblood of coffee shop owners, cafes, and specialty breweries who cater to those customers. Trends in coffee consumption have come and gone over the years. No matter how people enjoy their coffee or what the latest, hottest idea might be, in the end, coffee drinkers still just want their morning – or afternoon, or evening – java fix.

One of the latest food trends for 2018 is healthy coffee, such as coffee with a shot of beetroot powder. While 2017 was the year of the Unicorn Latte made with edible glitter in the foam, the glitter train has left the station and coffee lovers are opting for making their daily hit of caffeine a bit cleaner and healthier. You can pack away the edible glitter and save it for kids’ cupcakes or cookies.

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Another emerging trend among coffee lovers is the rise of the Coffee Crawl. Styled after similar Beer Crawls or Bar Crawls, where aficionados purchase tickets that allow them to sample beers or appetizer portions of showcased menu items at a number of bars, restaurants, or breweries located within walking distance of each other, Coffee or Caffeine Crawls are becoming a hit in cities where coffee shops and cafes offer unique experiences to their customers. Coffee lovers are willing to spend more for an experience that blends coffee or espresso sampling with a fun way to tour a favorite city or town on foot with friends.

Understanding these burgeoning trends in coffee consumption helps you be better prepared to anticipate the needs of your customer. As you review your café offerings and menu, consider adding a few new coffee drinks that offer mix-ins to boost health. Test the new drinks with your loyal customers by discounting them or offering free samples; be sure to gather feedback and use it to improve or change the drinks as needed.

Understanding your equipment needs also helps you maximize customer experience and build a loyal following of fans. Having reliable equipment that brews top notch coffee every time is vital in this industry. Used espresso coffee grinders from Voltage Restaurant Supply offer incredible value to restaurant owners, café owners, and coffee shops and give you greater flexibility in allocating your equipment investment dollars.
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Position your business for success and growth in 2018. Embrace the health trend. Consider collaborating with other coffee shops for a coffee crawl to showcase your shop to new clientele. Take 2018 by the horns and be bold – just like your favorite coffee!