Grow Your Business With Content Marketing

Grow Your Business With Content Marketing

Customer centric means you have to put the customer experience before your business. Companies that are customer centric understand consumers’ motivations. To go up a notch, customer centric ideas that have proven effective, will meet consumers’ changing demands no matter what happens. Because you need to make customer-centric your point of focus, it is important to apply inbound marketing tactics.

To begin with, the first thing you’ll do is to make your company think like and work like a media company. Nowadays many media or advertising companies think the most about content marketing as the new way of marketing. Content marketing is often seen as inbound marketing which has been regarded as the next effective way of marketing.

Even though the idea of content marketing is nothing new to experienced marketers, many experienced marketers especially ones who are also frequent bloggers may have even been using content marketing for many years.

In content marketing, there are two stages: Content creation and content promotion.

Stage 1: Content Creation

With content creation, there are many ways to do so including blog articles, social media posts, images (or photos), infographics, PowerPoint slides, PDF eBooks, videos, industry whitepapers, quizzes (or surveys), and more.

Your content may not be so good that people can’t live without it. But even when your content is good enough for your average “readers”, you should keep on creating more. The truth often is that with this good enough content, when it is consumed by your users who are probably like it, and want more, you’re establishing a self brand, a trustworthy source, and a reliable content creator.

To top it all, in long terms mostly the content you have created a couple of months ago are going to be ranking somewhere in the search engines. People use Google for example to find content, would have quite a good chance to see your content, maybe not only for one time, but may repeatedly see your different content. That’s why content marketing helps with your blog’s search engine marketing, when it’s done right.

Stage 2: Content Promotion

Here is an example. If a user is interested in the content you’ve shared (or promoted), and at the same time she is in need to know more about something related to your content, then she may have questions which are probably unanswered.

Here is the opportunity. What you can do is offer free advice and tips. This may seem counter productive while you’re probably very busy creating and promoting your new content on a weekly basis. But that’s a good way to get you started when you’re looking for your next potential customer.

And then there is this viral thing. When you can help one customer and solve her problem, the next time her friend gets a similar problem, there is a good chance you’ll be introduced to this friend of hers. And that may become your next customer.