Geofencing: Let the smartphone make the business smarter

Geofencing: Let the smartphone make the business smarter

In a world where online shopping has reduced the customers of local business, Geofencing is proving to be a boon to such businessmen. Easy advertising in local areas by the means of geofencing has gradually increased the sales of local shops, but even have promoted the shop at a much lower expense. This technology has also given a power to employer to have a check on the workers and coordinate flexibly with them. Digital Logic Geofencing helps the shopkeeper to keep records of the customer and provide them the best suitable ads and offers. Geofencing applications provides the probability of the facilities required by the customer in near future according to the behaviour, past purchases, location awareness, functions to attend, kind of atmosphere and the sites or ads in which the customer shows more interests. Few techniques by which geofencing can provide maximum profit to the businesses are:


The shopkeepers can provide discount coupons by using Digital Logic Geofencing as they can locate the restaurants, the cafe at which the customers love to have food, the genre of movies which the customer is fond of, the salon they visit, the brand label of clothes and footwear they use and many more. This technique attracts the customer and even tries to convince them to visit another outlet where they can use coupon. So in general it benefits the cluster of local business and boosts the growth of market.

Locating workers

Many a times the company wants to keep few secrets from its workers. So by using GPS technique they can locate the workers and can ensure that they don’t enter the restricted area. It can also provide the nearest worker at the time of emergency. In case of fire and other hazards the group of workers near to the affected area could be informed easily.

Marketing and Advertising

By using the various social platforms the advertisement and marketing have become much easier. One can create Facebook page and keep it regularly updated so that the customers find the stuff interesting and develop interest in shopping with them. WhatsApp groups can be created and participation of the customers can be increased. Advertisement on the emails of local people and sales could attract more and more mass.

Geofencing is the technology which has opened the doors for local businesses to boom and reach new heights of success. Businessmen should be trained for proper use of the technology and very soon the digital market will create its reputation in this digitally growing world.