G3C Technologies Corporation-a Modus Operandi for Advancement in automation

Today is the world of technology and people are investing in innovative tasks. Researchers have proved that old tires create a large issue around the globe. The tires can be destroyed in landfills. It will cause serious problem to the soil. It destroys the quality of the land. Some other methods like paving and mulching with shredded tires can pollute the soil and water.

Some other severe environmental issues come from the tires crematory. The result produces NOx and SOx. It can also cause acid rain but, one can develop greenhouse gas CO2. The burning of one tire of passenger car tire gives origin to 22Kg of CO2. On the other side of the situation is that each truck tire can produce 110kg of CO2.  Various studies have shown that total 0.4 billion tires will bring the end of life by 2020. It will give existence to over 18 million tons of CO2, which can be a reason for climate change.

Companies are implementing various measures in transforming the tires for constructive use. The G3C is known as Triple Green Conversion Technology.

  • G1: The procedure will not develop any perilous air deterioration or waste development. Full quantity of water will be used for the recycling process. The G3C way carbon footprint is equal to that of representative virgin carbon black development activity from residual oil or gas.
  • G2: The user can’t use any residual product as feed for the process. The normal carbon black developing process implements fossil oil or the gas. The G3C proceeding implements scrap tires as their raw material.
  • G3: The Company uses self-generated fuel and power so there will be no using any fossil product for the system execution.

Birth of New Tires:

Newest tires are designed with the help of virgin carbon black developed by incomplete explosiveness of fossil fuel. During these undertakings, the process not only destroys the decreasing fossil resources of the earth but also vandalizes air pollution. World manufacturing of virgin carbon black in 2018 is expected to get the reach of 12.8 million tons.

These ventures have magnificent undertakings in the turning of scrap tires into high-grade rCB for both tread and carcass. One cannot get fruits of success from other technologies compared to Triple Green Conversion Technology.

Under this endeavor, scrap tire will be converted into carbon black and then new tire complete by commitment rCB for every phase of the tire.


Hi-Tech Precedence:

The Dominance and Sake of the G3C technique is the potential to pre-exist and command the quality of the rCB developed by the heterogeneous process parameters. It is will process the hegemony system.

The amount collected for destroying scrap tire further increases the benefit ability of the recovered carbon black projects. The sky-high rise in oil will be a strong motivating factor for the use of rCB in return or virgin carbon black.

Hence, this triple Green Conversion Technique is one of the utmost strategies of creating and occupying new segments. They give life to old tires in a constructive way