Free data recovery diagnosis

Free data recovery diagnosis

Data diagnosis is the first process that we carry out before we get to the gist of the real problem. When you identify the challenge, the DRS team advises that you let us know about the issue and by doing a few initial walk-around on your available data and information, we advise on what to do. This allows us to give the right service at the most affordable rate. We have been rated one of the best companies to provide a free diagnosis to our clients.


To offer you the best service and give solutions to our clients, we have devised a procedure that will ensure that your data is recovered without having to take all the time and unnecessary expenses.

Before anything is done, you will definitely want to confirm our costs. We cost depending on the nature of work as pre-determined by our experts. You only need to contact us with details of the nature of the symptoms. Our team will prescribe the possible problem and the solutions and therefore give you the tentative quotation and the service time limit. To enable you to follow up on the progress of your data recovery, we provide a job number and a barcode and therefore you can easily predict when to have the work completed.

The second part of the process entails the real thing. You can send us the media online or drop it at our regional offices where the laboratory team will pick and proceed with the data recovery assessment process. The level of failure as per our assessment team may require that we disassemble the media and using donor spares, rebuild it.

Immediately we are done with the recovery assessment process, we compile a file listing which entails all that has been done on your data. We use security apparatus to ensure that sending and receiving every information is securely encrypted and therefore watertight. A technical report is emailed to you and the price quotation, including any other relevant information. We will keep a copy for the recovered the file in our custody for seven days. If you decide not to proceed with us, we securely package your media and send it back to you. When you choose to proceed with us, we will complete and wrap up the recovery process, then send you a comprehensive report the next day.

Our data recovery system is robust and with a high-tech laboratory which has allowed us to serve major clients like BBC and the ministry of State Defense.  

The 40 years experience in the industry has won us accolades and reputation across the globe and the most affordable of all the service providers. We have served over 500,000 companies and individuals, this has been due to our extensive data recovery capabilities, and over 36,000 companies and organizations come to us every year.

Choose data recovery specialists who will give you the best recovery services. You can trust us to deliver only the best service. With class 100 clean rooms, jigs for platter removal and software applications, we will give the most reliable and comprehensive data recovery report.