Four Ways to Protect Your Home While You Are Away on Vacation

Four Ways to Protect Your Home While You Are Away on Vacation

There is no human who is miles from home without a nagging fear somewhere at the back of his mind about the security of his abode in his absence. Everyone locks doors and hides the spare keys, yet it is well known that more often than not this simply isn’t enough to keep the goons from breaking in. At times, simple strategies can go a long way in making a house effectively burglar-proof.

Install a Surveillance System

The most effective method that one can employ to secure a property is installing surveillance cameras all around it. One can then easily monitor the house remotely at all times. On top of that, just the sight of security cameras can at times be enough to deter a criminal from trespassing and attempting to break into the property. Today’s modern security cameras come up with advanced features and high cyber security, making them the apt choice for video surveillance. If these factors are crucial considerations for your home surveillance system, buy one of the advanced security cameras from Hikvision, which is leading in the market today.

Throw Them Off the Trail

The easiest thing to do to deter a break-in is by creating the illusion of human inhabitancy. A number of steps can be taken in this regard.

  • Set automatic timers on all indoor and outdoor lights
  • Leave the blinds partially open
  • Ask a neighbour to park their car in your porch

A thief, looking for signs of an environment conducive to thievery, will be thrown off the trail by these actions.

Secure Commodities of Importance

Cash, jewellery, credit and debit cards can become a cumbersome and costly affair to replace if they are lost or stolen. It is a wise measure to secure these things in a safe before you leave. Depositing them at the bank a few days prior is even better. Lock not just the doors and gates, but also little gateways such as pet flaps and mail boxes as even such slight openings can be leveraged.

Keep a Trusted Party in the Loop

Inform a trusted neighbour of your planned absence in advance. Request him to keep an eye on your place in your absence. Ask him to take in any parcel or mail that may arrive in one’s absence. You can even leave a spare key with the neighbour (instead of hiding it in a place that a smooth, street smart mugger is likely to figure out much faster than one’s innocent, inexperienced self).

If you wish to take extra measures, you can hire a house-sitter from amongst family and friends, usually a youngster. They can attend to your house for a few hours everyday and check if everything is in order.