Find Free Zendesk Alternative for Saving Money to Assist Customer Online – A Preview  

Free Zendesk alternative is now Scout for easy and instant live customer care support center to manage business. Right now, Zendesk products are required by any serious entrepreneur to troubleshoot problems. It is more productive for a company to hold customers back by giving qualitative solutions to deal with business.

Best Free Zendesk Alternative

Have guide from free Zendesk alternative to use the best technology for helping customers to buy products. Zendesk is not free. You have to buy the packs to activate the live help desk online. Naturally, start-up companies want to save money. The higher expenses to run any online helpdesk toolkit are not favorable to beginners with limited financial capability.  Besides, the Zendesk installation process is not as easy as many rookies think. Free Scout service is definitely much helpful to beginners It offers immediate tech solutions, notification alerts, instant message delivery, live chat box, and awe-inspiring customer care. The cloud based open source platform is here for over million subscribers to serve customers.


Innovative Features of FreeScout

  • Live help desk
  • Mailbox
  • Email access and content management
  • Online analytics for checking audience retention
  • PHP7+MySQL application is available for activation on shared hosting platform
  • Good data protection

Easy Content Management

Free Scout is a newly launched content management feature which integrates multiple emails, list of enquiries and contact details into a single format. Therefore, busy entrepreneurs and customer care agents are able to locate the particular email for reading. It removes disorder in content access or data management.

Finally, this free zendesk alternative is getting good ratings and appreciable remarks from customers. It has good mobile apps compatibility to assist customers to check status on the mobile screen. The notification alerts, auto reply and open information tracking features are also attractive to businessmen. It reinforces the online customer relationship and boosts up the business. Free Zendesk alternative is of course a cross device compatible portal.