Experience the difference in using an OS of a new generation

Experience the difference in using an OS of a new generation

Windows is the most familiar operating system on which everyone loves to work. Whether you want to play game, do some assignment or complete your business project, you all love to work on Windows. However, with the improved technological developments, there are a number of operating systems which are now available for different devices. Windows has got its biggest competitor as LINUX.

It is another popular open source operating system that is designed for the modern generation. Some of the techies even say that this OS is actually not a complete OS rather software that can be used with several types of other software and hardware.

Software that derives much of the basic design from UNIX

There are so many types of open source OS but this software is used for general purpose on desktops and servers. The open source technology of this software enables you to download the source code and modify it in the desired way. You don’t need to procure any software license and run on it. This software can be downloaded on all the types of hardware and do various types of basic functions including accessing mails and browsing internet.

Use a highly secured OS to maintain the security of your data

Most of the companies and the individuals who use this software are greatly influenced by the security feature offered by it. Windows is highly at the risk of attacks while this open source operating system is secured. You even don’t need to install any kind of antivirus software to assure its security from the malware or other types of cyber threats.

The perfect OS suitable for the programmers

Windows is restricted to use some of the programming language while this highly appreciated OS supports various types of programming languages. Apart from this, various types of applications that are used for the programming purposes are also compatible with this OS. For more information, Please visit : http://davidstechblog.com/2018/06/20/top-9-things-linux-is-excellent-at-doing/.