Canadian Cable Manufacturer

Canadian Cable Manufacturer

Cable Manufacturer Leader in Canada

Sycor Technology has been providing high-quality cables and wires from its Canadian headquarters since it was established in 1981. It has a 40,000-square foot facility in Mississauga, Ontario, from where its products are continuously manufactured and distributed, not only to destinations throughout all of Canada but to an international clientele as well.

Cables for the Oil and Gas Industry

Some of the most challenging conditions for a cable manufacturer to prepare for are those related to the oil and gas industry. This is because the climates in which these cables are placed are often quite harsh, and the conditions can be chemically-laden too. The cables need to also withstand drilling mud, salt corrosion and constant vibration. Sycor Technology’s cables meet all of these challenges.

Cables for Automation

Other environments that require cables that are specially designed for them include smart factories. In response, Sycor Technology has manufactured cables that endure the harsh conditions that often exist in factory settings and the continuous, repeated motions that those types of machines make. These challenges are expected to evolve as time passes, and Sycor Technology will continue to adjust as those changes occur.