Best SEO Practices to Improve Your Mobile App Ranking

Best SEO Practices to Improve Your Mobile App Ranking

Higher app visibility and higher app downloads have remained the prime goal of every business leader ever invested in mobile app development. Isn’t it so? With the number of mobile apps in the Google Play Store growing exponentially, it has become a daunting task for both the business leaders and app developers to pay attention to different ways to upgrade their app ranking. After all, only then they will be able to reach a wider audience and enjoy more installs.

If you are an app development or app marketing team looking forward to how to improve your mobile application ranking, here are a few tips you can implement:

Do an Extensive Keyword Research

Dig deep into the analytics and find suitable keywords for your mobile app.  Check search volume and competition on each keyword. Make a combination of highly searched and low competition keywords for better results. For keyword hunt, you can use different keyword research tools like SEMrush and

Once done, optimize your app page content with these keywords. Place the right keywords in the app name, title, description, metadata, and other elements of the app page.

Pick the App Name wisely

Your app name will represent your mobile application. It will let the end users know what your app will do and how. It will also be added to the popular websites with an anchor text of your app page. So, choose it wisely. The name should be simple, engaging, memorable, and unique. Also, don’t forget to add the name in the URL of the download page.

Earn Higher Ratings and Positive Feedback

The user reviews and ratings also play a significant role in improving your app ranking. Wondering how? Well, Google alike other app stores consider app ratings and reviews while ranking them. This implies better the reviews, higher the ranking in the Google Play Store.

Secondly, Google crawls the customer reviews to determine the possible keywords. On the basis of review on the top of the app page and the keywords used, the mobile application is ranked. Last but not the least, positive reviews convince the potential users to try your app, which eventually results in higher downloads and feedback.

Get Quality Backlinks

Add your app download page link on your website, social profiles, and other possible branding platforms. Connect to popular influencers and request them to add your mobile app link into their website, bio or other places. You can also create a landing page for your mobile application.

Invest in Social media app marketing. Highlight the advantages of your app, create a need for your mobile app in the market, ask the users to share their experience, and this way, boost your app downloads, and ratings. And yes, when it comes to adding a link, always prefer a complete catchy line like “Link to Download the App on Android Store” instead of just CTAs like “Click here”.

Cross-promote Your Mobile App

Connecting with a mobile application development team for cross-promoting your apps is also a great idea. When you promote their app and vice versa, your app can reach a wider audience in the least time. This will bring far more fruitful benefits. So, think about it!

Have I missed any important point that mobile app development companies can opt for enhancing their app ranking? Do let me know in the comment section.