Are WordPress Sites Secure?

Are WordPress Sites Secure?

WordPress is an amazing and secure platform, but you can do take a few steps to keep your site safe. Numerous security enhancements are required to be implemented periodically and plugin authors release updates to fix latest security and functionality issues and you need to performed manually to prevent any issues. Undoubtedly, it is a secure platform for all websites around the world that are powered by the WordPress. There are numerous things that you can easily do to lock down your site if you want to prevent from hackers and other vulnerabilities.

Security is important:

Secure your website and get ready with premium monitoring, protection and hack cleanup services. Range of file-scanning and firewall solution which can easily monitor and protect your website. As hackers are getting more sophisticated in their attacks, professional help for WordPress maintenance may come in handy.

Is WordPress is secure?WordPress security totally depends on you, the user. It can be very secure, highly functional platform that can surely serve you or your organization. If you run a WordPress website, or you are planning to start the WordPress journey, you should have a massive public behind you, in order to secure your website for a long term.

Some major tricks to secure your WordPress:

Security is considered as a major topic for any WordPress website. The portal itself takes security measures, but its user’s responsibility to take extra measures. WordPress is surely a secure platform, but it does require a modest amount of work and education on the part of website owner, or a reliable WordPress website maintenance company. Review user permissions; anyone who should not have access to a certain part of your website should be restricted. Directory permissions should also be restricted. Securing admin dashboard is of utmost importance. Also, your admin username should not be ‘admin’; this is way too easy to guess.

Keep the essentials up to date:

If you want your WordPress website to be secure, keep your core application up to date. The best thing is that WordPress usually does this job on its own. If you are having a default configuration and core team releases a minor version of WordPress, it will automatically upgrade to new version. Data encryption through SSL can also help in securing your valuable data.

Keep plugins and themes up to date:

You can also secure your WordPress by keeping plugins and theme up to date. This will not happen automatically except in some rare cases. When a new version is released, security plugins are updated automatically. They also have the ability to update a theme. WordPress security can have the ability to force plugin security updates which are very beneficial.

Use of strong password:

If you want your WordPress account to be secure, don’t use simple and easy passwords, as they are much easier for a hacker to crack. Go for a stronger and more secure password. It might also be beneficial to periodically change your passwords.

Reliable plugins only:

There are countless plugins available which offer to do amazing things for your website. No matter how tempted you are to download all these miraculous plugins, ALWAYS download plugins from reliable sources only.

Securing the login:

One easy way for hackers to gain access to your data is by signing in (through hacking or cracking your password). If you secure your login through 2-factor authentication, it will be difficult for hackers to gain access. Taking secure off-site backups will also save you in event of any unfortunate happening.

WordPress maintenance:

WordPress maintenance services will take care of daily monitoring, testing and also update your website core. In this way you can have your site up to date with the latest outstanding features, bug and security fixes. It ensures that your site gives visitors a consistent and smooth experience.

A company or commercial website is basically an investment that you want to protect. This can be done if you maintain its functionality up to date.  If you want viewers to visit repeatedly and maximize your return on investment, you need functionality and security.