Animation Guide: Animation and Its Types

Animation Guide: Animation and Its Types

You might not be aware of the fact that animation is such a huge field that there are many types each having individual subcategories too. It’s not merely about sales videos or corporate video they are further divided into more categories as well. Animation is basically the technique to treat a content it is not about producing a content. You have a piece of information which you like to deliver it to the target audience and you look for an animator. The way that professional will treat your content by making it more appealing is the technique that is required here.

It is the technique to add motion into a static content. Animators imitate objects or use images and build characters that define the purpose of the project. The motion graphics are the most effective means of spreading information even if it contains a lot of jargons.

Types of Animation

Just when you are stuck with a difficult-to-grasp-concept you know what you have to do hit the google and type animation near me. You will be flooded with tons of suggestions to help you create an amazing animated video. Now first let’s discuss how many types of these videos are:

  • Whiteboard Animation

A whiteboard animation lasts for minimum 30 seconds. It is a sort of explainer video which is used to define the process of a particular product. It has a white background with a black graphics drawing on the screen to explain the procedure. Normally a hand issued to draw the graphics throughout the video or something the graphics keep on evolving within itself. Objects and text keep on emerging from one another.

  • Kinetic Typography

A typographic video is quite simple to create but in a lot more challenging as it becomes difficult to hold and sustain the attention of the target audience. The animators have to look for right font and colors theme that can fit perfectly with the product. The entire background plays a major role in adding appeal in the video along with the right selection of fonts. The kinetic video is all about moving fonts. The font move along delivering the core message tot eh viewer. It is mainly a text-based video.

  • Cartoon Animation

Never knew that the love for cartoon will stay with us for this long. Cartoon animation is so hit these days that it has not only entered the digital industries but it has taken over design departments a well. Whether it’s a website or a logo, cartoon animation seems to enjoy the center stage. The lovely characters and appealing techniques help to deliver a fine message in the most interesting manner through this type of animation.