We all know Aerocool as an innovator in PC Cooling as they were the first to introduce the U-shape heat design for CPU coolers which has now become the standard. Aerocool is a market leader in gaming pc cases, PC Cooling, Power Supplies and gaming peripherals. We have a lot to expect from the P7-H1 is an RGB LED Controller Hub.

Aerocool P7 H1 is a premium RGB controller hub that is designed to integrate RGB fans and LED lights; it’s not just Aerocool products that can be synced but any 3 or 4 pin RGB product. Syncing all the fans and leds will enable the user to create stunning displays and make their computer stand out.  The Aerocool HUB has a dimension of 88m x 17mm, the hub as a 2-pin Molex/Peripheral connector, 9-pin USB 2.0 connector, and 4-pin PWM connector cables pre-installed. If required the user can connect up to 8 hubs at one time giving you chain of synced devices.

The Aerocool P7 HUB has two 4 pin RGB ports on the hub. The HUB is compatible with most other RBG products on the market today.  One can daisy chain the LED strips/Fans for connectivity with the hub which would allow to use multiple RGB LED enabled devices on a single port but within 24 Watts output. There are total 5 4-pin fan headers on this hub. Fan output is up to 18 Watts.

The software included with the package is very simple to use and has a friendly user interface keeping the novice user engaged. We are very pleased with the HUB and find it to be competitive with the highly rated Cooler Master 4 Port RGB LED Fan Controller. The HUB is reasonably priced at £24.99.