A Good Mug Is a Friend Forever

A Good Mug Is a Friend Forever

Coffee connoisseurs around the world know the value of a quality coffee mug that goes with you when you go and is easy to transport. Until recently, though, few coffee lovers thought about how the mug affects the quality of the coffee that they’re consuming. That’s until the most recent entrepreneurs decided that perhaps smart dishes are the next big thing online. As this article points out, the “Internet of things” is making our kitchens an entirely more pleasant and engaging place to be.

Coffee mugs that remain heated and can be connected to apps are a relatively new invention, but it has made the quality of our morning mug of coffee all that much better. And that’s what good entrepreneurship does. It just makes things better for us. When a temperature controlled coffee mug came out, people applauded, and coffee lovers had one more thing to love about their favorite beverage. After all, there are many things that determine quality of any particular batch of coffee, but temperature remains one of the single most important things. Under a certain temperature and the coffee becomes watery and stale and if it’s too hot ouch!

A travel mug of coffee needs to be prepared to meet a day of the elements (my review here). Temperature outside should never determine the temperature inside. Digital coffee mugs have increased the quality of our travel mug of coffee in the morning, and we remain very grateful for this latest invention that has given us one more reason to look forward to our morning mug of coffee. Many of America’s hardest workers start their day with a good cup of coffee to get them going. This excellent beverage can increase alertness and give us some of our most innovative ideas during the day. At the very least, it makes morning more bearable.

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When the creator of the heated mug did his research, he realized that there is an optimal temperature for coffee. If it stays at this temperature, it tastes perfect. If it drops below or rises above, there are problems. Instead of being a set number, it’s a range of temperatures. Some people prefer their coffee hotter or cooler, depending on their mood. The mug comes with the full ability to digitally control the temperature, and the creators added a neat app that lets you remotely control the temperature and settings on your portable coffee mug.

Every travel mug has its own charms, but the digital coffee mug is making a big splash with coffee lovers around the world. It’s one of the first “smart dishes” in the world, and you can take it with you wherever you go, bringing its sweet, temperature-controlled coffee perfection with you to work or play. As more dishes take on a digital slant, customers will let entrepreneurs know if they’re doing things right or if there are features they need to twerk to make the products more useful. This industry is very new, and it has the potential to grow into a huge industry if it’s handled right.