4 Must Have Machines For Every Office

4 Must Have Machines For Every Office

Every business has an office, even small home-based businesses.  And in every office, you must have certain pieces of 123inkcartridges.ca equipment, certain machines, which help you efficiently accomplish your daily and weekly tasks so you can beat the bottom line.

These days, technology moves fast, and you have to keep up.  As such, here are the four pieces of office equipment that every office should have if you want to be set up for success both in the present as well as the future.


Even if your business only very rarely prints signs or schematics, the wide format printer can be quite an excellent investment.  It saves you not only money on outsourcing large-format print jobs (including poster, banners, etc) but also the time in coordinating the work and delivery of these marketing materials. More importantly, though, a wide-format printer can typically handle many of your traditional print jobs too, which means you minimize your footprint and reduce occupancy within your office space.

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It seems like a no-brainer that every business should rely on mobile devices, but we are talking about more than just your phone, here.  Or, rather we are talking about ways to make your phone do more of your office work for you.

Whether you incorporate your existing mobile device or establish a new plan for acquiring and using them, you want to have a wireless method to track inventory, pull up orders, finalize transactions, balance your expense sheet, and more; and if you use a mobile device to do it, you won’t be trapped at a desk all day.


Instead of using white boards, now is the time to consider stepping it up into the next generation of display boards with networked connectivity.  These can integrate quite seamlessly with your existing technology components, often simply acting as another video outlet in your wireless network.  Of course, the interactive aspect of it makes it less like pictograph and more like the training tool you need for the tech savvy workers of the future.


The end all multi-functional device of any office is the printer because these days most printers have copying capabilities as well.  This saves you on space, tool, but it is also far more efficient.  Anytime you can find a multifunctional device for your office, it is wise to consider it.