3 Benefits of Vet Tech Schooling Online

3 Benefits of Vet Tech Schooling Online

According to the United States Department of Labor, Veterinary technologists and technicians make an hourly wage ranging from $11 – $24.73. The average annual salary for a vet tech is $34,710. And since many people work full-time, their employers will often provide benefits as well, including health insurance, paid vacation, sick days, and more.

Veterinary technicians can find employment in a wide range of industries. While most people think of vet techs working at small local veterinary clinics, employment can be found at colleges and universities, general medical and surgical hospitals, social advocacy organizations, scientific research, development associations, and more.

When you train to become a veterinary technician, you will need to earn a certificate or degree from a secondary education institution. If you’re looking for an institution that allows you to complete your coursework online yet still provides hands-on practice for working with animals, the vet tech schooling online at Ashworth College is an affordable and flexible program made just for you. The Ashworth College Veterinary Technician Associate Degree program includes 270 hours of clinical experience and prepares you for an exciting career in the animal care industry.

While the flexible schedule allows you to work at your own pace, personalized career guidance and faculty feedback are available every step of the way. Since communication with your teachers is online, you have easy access to your professors and this allows feedback and questions to be answered promptly and smoothly. Students are given many opportunities to utilize critical thinking skills by participating in online discussions with fellow vet tech students.

Online learning has proven itself to be much more affordable than traditional college classes. You have the ability to eliminate housing costs, which is a considerable amount of a student’s expense. Vet tech schooling online also translates into reduced commuting costs, which saves on gas, car maintenance, and parking expenses. Online colleges are also able to offer their courses at a much lower price than brick and mortar institutions because there are no costs associated with owning a physical school. In addition, much of the content is available online, which reduces the cost of textbooks. If employed, online courses allow you to continue working and earn your degree at the same time.

The number one reason to earn a vet tech degree is that you will be saving lives. If you’ve ever had a pet before, you undoubtedly know how attached you can become to your furry friend. Many families view their pets as actual family members and they will go out of their way to ensure their pets receive the best care and medical attention they deserve. With a degree from a vet tech school, you become a go-to source for this care and attention.

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